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Rock Excavating, Rock Demolition, Rock Breaking, Rock Blasting, Rock Trenching by Dexpan Non Explosive Demolition Rock Breaker by DIY Home User 2005


Dexpan Rock Excavating without hydraulic breaker, jackhammer

My wife and I purchased a new home and had concerns that our 20 month old son would trip and be injured because of 2 rocks that were sticking out of the ground in our backyard.

I attempted to dig around the rocks with a shovel and a pick ax but soon realized the rocks were too large for me to remove without assistance.
We contacted a local excavation contractor who attempted to unearth the rocks with his CAT 580 backhoe.  It turned out the part of the rocks that we could see were just the tip of the ICEBERG. 

The rocks measured 22' X 14' and 16' X 10' with a depth of 6' - based on the size, the excavator was unable to remove them with the backhoe.  He suggested a hydro-hammer at an additional $1200 / day (a real bargain) to be used to break the rock so that the backhoe could remove the pieces.

We decided to only take the top 2' off of the rocks with the intention of covering with topsoil and grass.

The excavator said he would check on the availability of a hydro-hammer and would get back to us in a day to let us know when he could finish the job and what the additional costs would be.

We were greatly surprised when he arrived at our house the next morning with a cost saving alternative- it seems his father (original owner of the business) told him he should try DEXPAN since they had a full pallette of DEXPAN II in their shop from a prior concrete / rebar excavation that he had done a few years back.

The son was unsure of the possibility of success and asked us if we wanted to try it.  (anything was better than an additional $1200). Only one problem- the excavator was very busy and was unable to drill the rock for at least another week based on his schedule.

SO I DID IT AS A HOME OWNER!  I rented a Ingersol-Rand compressor, rock drill and 1 1/2" bit and
after 3 hours all of the holes were drilled.

After drilling the rocks, mixing the DEXPAN (according to your website directions) and pouring into the drilled holes, we had success as you can see in the attached photos.

BUT that is not all- we were not only able to remove the top 2' of the rocks but based on how well the rocks cracked were able to remove the entire rock and am now putting in an inground pool!

Thank you for a great product!

Dexpan Rock Excavating without hydraulic breaker, jackhammer
Dexpan Rock Excavating without hydraulic breaker, jackhammer
Dexpan Rock Excavating without hydraulic breaker, jackhammer

Dexpan Non Explosive Demolition Agent is the most effective way for rock blasting, rock excavating, rock breaking, rock excavation. By DIY Home User 2005

Dexpan is an alternative to TNT dynamite, explosive blasting, jackhammer, rock breaker, demolition jack hammer, hydraulic breaker, wrecking ball, diamond blade concrete saw, diamond wire sawing machine, chain saw stone cutter, rock drill and other demolition tools, mining equipments or quarry equipments.

Rock breaking and excavating have never been easier for all demolition contractors, blasting contractors, excavating companies, mining companies, quarrying contractors or even demolition DIY do it yourself users.




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