E7018 Welding Electrode Unbeatable Price


Specially designed to improve deposition rate, bead appearance and operator appeal when welding steels requiring a low hydrogen x-ray quality weld deposit. and it is the electrode of choice on heavy sections where the superior mechanical properties minimize cracking.



  • low moisture absorption

  • slag detaches easily

  • low spatter level

  • good wetting action

  • reliable starts and re-starts

  • excellent arc stability

  • manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements.


  • reduces worry of moisture pick-up and hydrogen cracking

  • easy clean-up

  • good weld bead appearance

  • enhances bead contour

  • provides better welds due to no porosity

  • easy to control


  • Tensile Strength: 77,700 psi

  • Yield Strength: 62,100 psi

  • Elongation % in 2": 30%

  • Reduction of Area: 68%


  • alloy and high-carbon castings

  • boiler code applications

  • construction equipment

  • low-alloy structurals and plate

  • maintenance applications

  • shipbuilding

AWS Classification: E7018

Polarity: AC+, DC+