E71T-1 Flux Cored Welding Wire Unbeatable Price


For a gas-shielded tubular wire with low smoke, low spatter and extremely smooth operator appeal. Its deep-penetration, low hydrogen weld deposit is tolerant to rust, mill scale and light oil. Its low-smoke properties make it ideal for light to heavy gauge mild steel and low alloy steels.



  • outstanding high-production performance

  • smooth, stable arc

  • slag detaches easily

  • provides higher deposition and side wall fusion

  • operates extremely well within a wide range of amperage settings

  • manufactured under a quality system certified to ISO 9001 requirements.


  • reduces clean-up and promotes operator appeal

  • easy to control

  • reduces cold lap

  • increases welding productivity

  • very versatile


  • Tensile Strength: 97,000 psi

  • Yield Strength: 83,100 psi

  • Elongation % in 2": 26%


  • earthmoving equipment

  • railroad cars

  • heavy fabrications

  • steel structures

  • storage vessels

AWS Classification: E71T-1