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Archer Company USA Inc. /dba Dexpan USA

Unbeatable Prices on "Speed" Abrasive Cut Off Wheels for Metal Cutting, Abrasive Grinding and Metal Fabricating


Abrasive Cut Off Wheels for metal cutting


Abrasive Grinding Wheel for metal grinding


Abrasive Flap Discs for metal polishing


Abrasive Wheels Safety Information


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Abrasive Cut Off Wheels, Abrasive Grinding Wheels, Metal Cutting Abrasives  

- Abrasive Cut-Off Saw Wheels and Grinding Wheels

  for metal cutting, metal grinding, metal fabricating

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION on abrasive metal cutting, grinding, fabricating

Safety Glasses Gloves Ear Protection Face Shield

Abrasive Cutting Wheels and Grinding Wheels work under high speed rotation.

Improper operation may cause Abrasives breakage or serious injury.



  • Always handle and store Abrasive wheels in a careful manner.

  • Visually inspect all Abrasive wheels before mounting for possible damage.

  • Make sure operating speed of machine. Do not exceed speed marked on abrasive wheels.

  • Check mounting flanges for equal size, relieved as required and correct diameter.

  • Use mounting blotters as required by ANSI standards.

  • Use safety guard that covers a minimum half of abrasive wheel.

  • Allow newly mounted wheel to run at operating speed for at least one minute.

  • Wear safety glasses, gloves and necessary protection equipments.

  • Turn off coolant before stopping cutting to avoid creating an out-of-balance wheel.

  • Follow common sense safety considerations.


  • Do not use a abrasive wheel that has been dropped or appears to have been abused.

  • Do not force a abrasive wheel onto machine or alter size of the mounting hole.

  • Do not exceed maximum operating speed.

  • Do not use mounting flange on which bearing surface is not clean, flat, smooth.

  • Do not tighten mounting nut excessively.

  • Do not use on any machine that is not properly designed for application of the abrasive wheel.

  • Do not jam working object into abrasive wheel.

  • Do not stand directly in front of running machine.

  • Do not use on material which is not designed for.

  • Do not touch a abrasive wheel just been used since it might be very hot.




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