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Dexpan« Non Explosive Controlled Demolition Agent

For Controlled Demolition, Reinforced Concrete Cutting, Rock Breaking, Quarrying, Stone Dimension, Mining, Excavating ...

Dexpan controlled demolition and selective demolition for concrete cutting, rock blasting, quarry, mining







[Cracking Time]



[Drilling Designs]


Dexpan 3 Easy Steps to succeed: Drill, Mix and Fill

Read safety and operation instruction CAREFULLY before use Dexpan

Warning! Blowouts may occur! DO NOT look directly into filled holes.

Safety Goggles, Rubber Gloves and Dust-Proof Mask is Required.

For technical support, call our toll-free 1-866-272-4378 or 575-874-9188 (United States)


Dexpan Preparation


Reinforced concrete foundation, 3'x3'x2'


Choose correct type of Dexpan based on rock / concrete temperature.


Caution! Safety goggles, dust mask, rubber gloves, long sleeve cloth are required.


Dexpan Step 1: Drilling




  • Drill holes using a hammer drill and appropriate drill bit specific to the rock or concrete type.

  • Holes should be drilled no further than 1 ft (30 cm) apart. Note: In reinforced concrete recommended no more than 8 in (20 cm) apart.

  • Recommended hole diameter is 1.5 inches (3.8 cm), not to exceed 2 in (5 cm). Drill holes should be 80-90% of the depth, do not go through.


Dexpan Step 2: Mixing

  • In a flat bottom bucket, combine 0.4 gallons (1.5 l) of water with one 11 lb. (5 kgs) bag of Dexpan«.

  • Mix well (a drill and paddle is recommended). If mixing with a stick or other method, make sure Dexpan« is completely dissolved into the water. Mix to a slurry.


Dexpan Step 3: Filling

  • Warning! Use of Dexpan in Extreme Hot Temperature could cause blowouts.

  • Clean holes before filling. Using an air hose to remove excess dust from drilling.

  • Dexpan« slurry should be poured into holes within 10-15 minutes after mixing. Do not fill to the top, only fill the holes about 1/2 to 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the top.

  • Pour well mixed Dexpan« slurry into holes. Agitating the Dexpan« in the hole to make sure no air is trapped in holes. Suggestion: Use a rod or stick to poke holes.

  • A grout pump might be required to fill horizontal holes. Caps might be needed for horizontal holes, but only necessary to hold Dexpan« in the holes.


Dexpan Coverage and Cracking Time


Dexpan Coverage: 

Normally one 44 lbs (20 kgs) box of Dexpan« can fill up to 35 lineal feet (10 m) of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) diameter holes. You might not have to fill every hole depending on application.


Dexpan Cracking or Cutting Time:

Properly mixed, the cracks may appear after 2~8 hours of filling drilled holes, depending on ambient temperature, humidity, rock or concrete hardness. Give it 24 hours for best results.





Caution! Read safety and operation instruction CAREFULLY. ( Go to Dexpan Downloads )

Caution! A pair of safety goggles, rubber gloves and a dust mask is REQUIRED. Avoid eyes, skin contact. Do not breathe dust. If eye or skin contact should occur, rinse it off IMMEDIATELY with plenty of water for at least 20 minutes, and consult doctor.

Caution! WARNING! DO NOT look directly into filled holes as blowouts may occur.

Caution! Keep Dexpan« in DRY storage. SEAL Dexpan container after use.

Caution! Select the correct type of Dexpan« based on rock / concrete temperature.


Dexpan Usage Tips


Tips Well designed hole drilling pattern will minimize consumption of Dexpan« by cutting into desired sizes.

Tips To insure success, Dexpan« needs free space to expand to.

Tips For better results, it is important to note both air and material temperature. Material temperature is the temperature inside of the rock or concrete which can be different from the air temperature.

Tips In summer, the best time to use Dexpan« is in the morning or evening when material temperature is cool.

Tips In summer, cover Dexpan holes from direct sunlight to avoid blow-out. Example: using a tarp or damp hay to provide shade.

Tips If Dexpan« completely dries into powder and did NOT crack, pour additional water onto Dexpan« filled holes. Caution! Wear goggles, blowouts may occur.


Dexpan Drilling Designs

Filled Hole   Unfilled Hole   Desired Cutting Line
[1] Regular Shaped Object Demolition [2] Irregular Shaped Object Demolition



[3] Cut into desired size to lower cost [4] Tunneling

[5 (left)] Partial Demolition with VERTICAL desired cutting line

[6 (right)] Partial Demolition with HORIZONTAL desired cutting line

[7] Underground rock excavation, dig around to provide free space



[8] Trenching, do not need to dig around


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